Huge Pile…

What’s this?! New shipment? Suddenly Acquired FigureS?!

No… it’s actually all the models and GFF that I need to build. Excluding recent models like the MG Impulse, most of them have been shelved for at least six months to over a year.  My goal is to finish 90% of this pile by the end of this year. You can take this as a little preview of what to expect to see here down the road :)


Updated my review and uploaded new photos for the HG 1/100 Gundam Double X and G-Falcon. I saw how little pictures there were on that page so I thought I should work on it a bit :D It should give those considering this model a better view of how the thing actually is.

Long Overdue

Taking a break from building new gundam models, I’ve finally typed up the reviews for the GFF Ex-S and Ex-S Taskforce Alpha. I’ll probably do some more make-up work throughout the week before I start on anything new again ^_^;

MG Shin Musha Gundam Review

At long last, I’ve finally completed and posted up the gallery and review for the MG Shin Musha Gundam! Sorry for the longggg delay. The model took me quite some effort, blood, sweat, and tears. This is also my biggest gallery for a single Gundam model so far with 171 photos! Hope you enjoy it ^_^;

Whew… I’ll be taking a break from building new models for a bit and get back to some easier things xD


D’oh! It’s friday and I’m still trying to complete the MG Shin Musha Gundam. The model had more parts than I thought… Everything will still be up by tonight though! Currently on the last part…weapons!

UPDATE: It’s done ^_^…. but I won’t post it till tomorrow >_> Been having a headache for the whole day…

Progress Report 2

I know I am slow but ’tis a busy week for me ^_^; Expect the review and full gallery up on Friday. I only have the torso, backpack, shields, and weapons to go.


Here’s my biggest update for the week! Nothing but gold. I have reviews and galleries for the following:

MG Hyaku Shiki

MG Hyper Mode God Gundam

HCM Pro Akatsuki

1/100 Gold Frame

1/100 Gold Frame Amatsu

In the Works…

Starting on my MG Shin Musha today, taking my time and this is what I got done so far…

- Gold spray paint experiment didn’t make much difference to the gold plastic so I scrapped the idea. They looked exactly the same!

- Assembled body and slapped on all the marking stickers (building my patience for my MG Unicorn)

- Assembled head. i HATED how the foil sticker look on it so I ripped it off. Now it looks a lot better.

-Will probably be done with this tomorrow if I don’t take my sweet @$$ time on it ^_^;

New Arrivals!

These came in the mail yesterday…

I was quite shocked that these items alone weighed 3.1kg and costed me 6100 yen in shipping! I guess I shouldn’t be too shocked since I paid around $150 for EMS to have ALL of these shipped to me in one box back in December…

And I should be done with whatever I’m hiding by Monday then I’ll be starting on the MG Shin Musha Gundam :)

Progress Report

I’ve finished the MG Hyaku Shiki… now all I have to do is type up my review ^_^

The Hyaku Shiki isn’t the only model for my next update so there will be more… and it’ll be big :D

Here’s a sneak peak:


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