Huge Pile…

What’s this?! New shipment? Suddenly Acquired FigureS?!

No… it’s actually all the models and GFF that I need to build. Excluding recent models like the MG Impulse, most of them have been shelved for at least six months to over a year.  My goal is to finish 90% of this pile by the end of this year. You can take this as a little preview of what to expect to see here down the road :)


Updated my review and uploaded new photos for the HG 1/100 Gundam Double X and G-Falcon. I saw how little pictures there were on that page so I thought I should work on it a bit :D It should give those considering this model a better view of how the thing actually is.

Long Overdue

Taking a break from building new gundam models, I’ve finally typed up the reviews for the GFF Ex-S and Ex-S Taskforce Alpha. I’ll probably do some more make-up work throughout the week before I start on anything new again ^_^;


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