Z Tidbit: Pocky and Ramune

Ramune- The alcohol for otakus during conventions… and probably for some’s daily life. I’ve probably only drank about 20 bottles of ramune in my life time and I don’t see the teehee in it. The wow factor from the marble gimmick died around my second bottle. These drinks are also kinda spendy for their size, no? I’ll admit though… Ramune tastes like ramune; a flavor of its own. Nothing lik it ^_^

Pocky- Another snack I don’t understand about its addicting aura… a biscuit stick dipped in bland chocolate cream. It isn’t THAT great tasting but I see weeabos eat this and make faces as if it is better than having sex. o_0 *ahem* To each his/her own I guess. Yan Yan’s, Pucchas (spelled correctly?) and a few others are much better! I personally hate the original Pocky (taste stale) but the Men’s Pocky (Dark chocolate) is pretty good. I grew up eatin this stuff so I guess I can see how I can be sick of it…


Funny Japanese Products

While shopping in a Japanese supermarket, I came across some pretty funny items. One of them is the cream you see above. It is exactly what its description said xD. Anyone wanna try?

There’s also a many other things I’ve spotted that’s worth a chuckle or two…

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Z Tidbit: Vita Drinks

These drinks are the best! I probably grew up drinking these since the age of like 3 or whenever my mom let me use straws. They’re very popular among Chinese people and comes in a lot of different flavor and different drinks like tea, juice, and soymilk. I have yet to try all of them…

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Kumoricon This Weekend

This weekend, I’ll be attending Kumoricon, Oregon’s anime convention, at Portland’s Double Tree hotel. It’ll be my first time going to an anime convention so I’m somewhat excited ^^… “somewhat” because this is Oregon we’re talking about here. This place is completely void of anything anime-related. I’ll have coverage and take a lot of photos of course though I’m not sure what to look for nor do I know how the place looks like. We’ll see… :D

Image printscreened from http://www.kumoricon.org

Nendoroid MIKU!

My favorite nendoroid ^_^. So cute. Too cute. Only got to play around a little and took some normal photos. I’ll try to take more creative photos later. Here’s the gallery for now.

For my Unicorn Progress:

- Beam Magnum is 100% completed

- Hyper Bazooka is 100% completed

- Body is 100% completed

- Thrusters completed (painted)… need to assemble backpack

- Currently working on shields

Apple x Leek

Aside from my MG Unicorn Project, I’m also playing around with my Nendoroid Miku on my breaks ^^; My full gallery of her will either be up tomorrow or Sunday.

Beam Magnum



Decided to work on the weapons after completing the body. I’m not quite done with what I’m doing with the beam rifle yet but this is what it looks like now. So which one do you prefer? the “before” or “after”?

More Space!

In the hobby of Gunpla building, space can sometimes be more of a luxury than having the actual Gundam models. With all the master grades that I’ve been building the past month (roughly one MG per week), my room is overflowing and shelf space diminished.

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Haruhi Presents MG Unicorn Body

Here’s what I got done so far on my MG Unicorn. Taking my SWEEET time as usual. For this model, there’s no need to do panel lines so I save some time but there’s enough to keep me going for about a week or two as is. I’m gonna be keeping my Unicorn project a secret so there won’t be any WISP (“Work in Slow Progress”) after this one. I’ll kindly ask you to look forward to it though ^^;

Top Coat

This is my first time using Mr. Hobby’s Top Coat. Of course, I would test it on my MG Wing Gundam Ver. Ka first before using it on MG Unicorn. Added new photos in Wing’s page so you can see the subtle results.


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