Odd Mix of Reviews

Finished three short reviews for today. I thought I’d finish reviewing my older SD Gundam models before I begin new ones. You might as well call these “filler” reviews since I don’t think anyone will ever look for them ^^;. Still… they might come in handy for reference purposes.


- 1/100 Destiny Gundam (no no… not the MG version. I’m saving that for later)

- SD Nu Gundam HWS

- SD Strike Freedom Gundam

I’ll have a new GFF review up tomorrow night as well. Currently working on it right now…

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2 Responses to “Odd Mix of Reviews”

  1. lilb0ibastard Says:

    wheres that awesome vid of g-gundam vs freedom? xD

    at least i think it was g-gundam… >_>

  2. Kairu Ishimaru Says:

    Oooh i want taht one!

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