Learning Kanji

I’ll finally be on winter break after finals next week. Wee! And instead of actually taking a break, I’ll be making use of the time to learn myself some Kanji. I’m sure learning it now will come real handy and making Japanese 2xx-3xx somewhat easier when I take it. I’ve found out about these flashcards thanks to Danny Choo introducing them a long time ago (it was a giveaway) and only now I bothered to pick a set up. If only I’ve put in the extra effort to learn Chinese when I was little then I probably wouldn’t need to worry about Kanji right now…

Nice cards. Probably has everything you really need to know about each Kanji on both side of the cards. Might as well take the opportunity to get a headstart while I can ^^. Due to a personal academic reform last year (long story; maybe I’ll tell it some other day), I’ve decided to major in Japanese and one other field. I am not entirely certain about the other field but I likened to be something along the lines of networking/computer/info system/web development/marketing/internet/software (not too much of a departure from EE). Learning Japanese comes from a passive desire to be able to live and work in Japan one day (or just leave the US to see more of the world). I am obviously not the only one with such goals… especially on this side of the blogosphere ^^.

hahaha… oh just as I finished typing that last few sentence did I realized who I wanted to be like (but not quite) xD. Might as well change this blog’s color to orange while I’m at it… har har

ugh… had a long day today (yesterday)… and it’ll be a long day tomorrow (today) as well. Better pack in a goodnight sleep. Do you have trouble sleeping? then watch this ^^

Jinnai Tomonori banzai!

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