The PG Battlefield

26 full runners. Not too bad… but I think I’ve been through worse. I’m already done with the feet. Don’t worry about WISP shots… you’ll see plenty in the following month xD. This post is a follow-up to the previous PG Strike post.

The PG Strike is definitely gonna be huge…

three runners of polycaps!

Cool… integrated clear parts with solid parts! Except that the eyes will be plain clear when the LED is off… maybe I should paint it. I’m already planning on changing the LED to another color since I hate yellow eyes on a Gundam. They are kinda boring looking…

Die-cast… knees? and hips-leg connectors?

Two different shades of white… seems like an eyesore at first but we’ll see. I also noticed most of the runners are black… meaning most of the work are related to the inner frame. Sweet… Wish me luck and and hope that I finish this model before this blog dies ^^;

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36 Responses to “The PG Battlefield”

  1. beamknight87 Says:

    Try to paint the “white” pieces (they actually looked gray to me when I build this PG) because they are a real eyesore when the Strike is supposed to be white lol.

  2. Busterbeam Says:

    pg strike! best pg there is imo

  3. ChrisEXE Says:

    It’s really weird when they don’t give pure white pieces where the Gundam is supposed to be, like MG Destiny too.

  4. divinelight Says:

    seems using more than twice my time for gunpla as I’m now…

  5. Dredhawk Says:

    i got the PG Strike Rouge becues it was cheaper to get Strike Rouge and aile stick pack together then to buy PG strike and the strike pack separated. at least if was when i got it. i dont now.

    IF you don’t like the color you can always paint it. i tend to just stay with the original color to lazy to paint. LOL

    good luck

  6. Cheese and the mouse Says:

    Haha. ;P
    Don’t worry about it – it’s not as cheesing off as it intimidatingly apears.^^
    Happy new year!!!
    Have fun with it.
    This blog wouldn’t die if you shuved it it a hole and set of atomic kabooooooms every second or other. =)

  7. Cameron Says:

    Heh.. Well I think we should race! I am building the strike rouge, which is the equivalent of the strike and sky grasper.
    Iam already done with the skygrasper and alie pack.

  8. Z Says:

    Franklin, are you painting your PG?

    Siroh, that’s a good analogy xD

    ercjohn, not sure about the “easily” part though…

    shinra, the photos/boxart shows that it slightly does but i find it almost questionable because it doesn’t look toooo bad…

    Exkurogane, I’ll keep a high alert on following the instructions then. thanks for the heads up on the BF ^^

    bd77, only a week? that seems blazing fast to me.

    John, happy new year to you too!

    Swords, yea….still need to assemble the aile pack

    divine, it shouldn’t be confusing. Just add more runners xD

    kefka, you’re right… it is like a pinkish white…. The MG has a more girly pink than it ^^;

    Zro, I figured as much. I saran wrap the hell out of what was still fresh xD. Thanks!

    beamknight, we’ll see how things go… ^^

    Busterbeam, i’ll take your words on it!

    Chris, at least Destiny is just one shade of such off-white.

    dredhawk, I’m too lazy to paint too… but it is tempting in this case…

    Cheese and mouse, oh i’ll have fun alright ^^. Happy new year to you too.

    Cameron, looks like I’m already trailing far behind xD

  9. Ahya Says:

    Your blog wont ever die Z. It’s like the new DannyChoo Blog. Everyone is here to stay my friend. Hahha

    So I’ll be expecting the completed product in say.. a few months. But with winter coming up you should have a weeks break from school, so I would say 2 months tops.

    I oredered a few things also, and R10 seems to have the MG Red Frame on reserve, How do I reserve with them? No item code or price so I’m at a lost.

  10. gunstray Says:

    Hahah, I could bet 200 bucks that you wont be able to finish this guy within 6 months and I still win the bet.

    Btw how do you think “Blue eyes” affect the face of strike

  11. Z Says:

    Ahya, I’m already on my last half of winter break. School starting on the 4th (next week). TToTT. You can reserve with R10 just by sending them a regular order with whatever you want (no need for item number for pre-orders). They’ll understand you.

    Gunstray, I see your bet and raise it by what’s left in my “Future Project” page- you can have them all if I don’t finish the PG Strike within six months :P. I think someone used blue LED for the eyes before and it looks pretty nice (I thought it was beamknight but his page shows yellow)… I was thinking about red eyes if I could find the LED for it…

  12. ErazEr Says:

    Try a super bright LED. so you will have a nice light show at night XD

  13. franklin Says:

    Yes,I painted it. But with spray can, not AB

  14. Ahya Says:

    Makes sense I guess, sorry to hear you go back on the 4th too. hahha, I would’ve liked to see it be half way done before you get back to your hectic schedule.

    I’d say clear green them eyes and watch it glow. Greens is a sexy color.

  15. Guminator Says:

    You are really the mosthard core gunpla builder i have ever met

  16. Allen Walker Says:

    Z is a pretty good… what’s the word? Gundam Otaku… but there ARE way more hard core otakus out there, namely the ones who actually give some gunplas totaly new color schemes (Busterbeam) and mod for pure… modness (ill just put a link here… actually 2… )
    and that’s that. Z is actally your standard gunpla-ist… kinda. maybe at a higher level than that. probably higher than that.

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