Sakura Matcha KitKat

Just purely out of curiosity, I picked up a box of green tea KitKat to try out. I love green tea (ryokucha, matcha, sencha, genmaicha, hojicha… or just tea in general) so I thought “hey, maybe it can be a good combo…”.

Ten in a box

I gotta hand it to their marketing team for the packaging and timing of this stuff. It’s spring and cherry blossoms are blooming left and right… and students are taking exams/finals/midterms and such. What a sweet way to cheer them on.

It even has ample space on the back for you to write your “ganbare!/ga yao!” message for someone.

Only 100 calories per pack! That is equivalent to one Pop Tart!

Okay enough of the marketing ploy. The most important part: Taste.  All I tasted was sweet… like white chocolate sweet. I didn’t get any green tea flavor (that I recognize… and definitely not a hint of matcha). The sakura essence must’ve done something to the flavor but it wasn’t bad. It just didn’t taste too much like green tea but more like… Cinnamon apple cheerios or similar cereal. Almost kinda disappointed… but then I think there’s none of this in the US and is still better than the regular KitKat here so it’s cool.

More KitKat from Japan in this post.

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19 Responses to “Sakura Matcha KitKat”

  1. bd77 Says:

    Green chocolate, now THAT’S new (for me). I only know about the normal, dark and white variants, but green…

    Wonder if they’re planning on a wasabi-flavoured chocolate. XD

    Won’t be finding those at my country either… T_T

  2. rndm Says:

    KitKat should pay Z for these “ads” he’s posted so far. XD

  3. BoB Says:

    “cries” D= i wish canada had some green tea kit kat. -_- all we have is some crappy dark chocolate and milk chocolate

    • Gerbera Says:

      Some of those chinese candy stores in Canada do carry a little bit of those flavors… but those chinese candy stores exist in only big cities w/ a reasonable chinese population.

      I live in Vancouver, and I have seen those before in some chinese candy stores.

  4. Dredhawk Says:

    LOL never would of thot of doing that

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