Kamen Rider No More

“Screw all this… Z is back to gunpla, we can’t take over this blog anymore. Nothing is going according to keikaku. I quit being a Kamen Rider… Time to move onto something else…”

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Gundam Marker Eraser Marker

Even though I’ve bought this pen a while back, it’s only now that it finally shines on me. CSI Creos obviously created this keshi marker for amateurs like me who can’t paint or mask parts properly.

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Kamen Rider “Kids”

Ha… I saw this at the supermarket and they looked cool so I picked them up for about $2 a pop ^^;. These are them randomly packed toys with a piece of ramune candy that tasted like chalk (UGH! I keep forgetting what they are actually called!)

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Next Gundam Project… READY! GOOO!

As much as I would love to just sit back and be lazy now that summer school is over, free time is still limited. I only have a month before school starts again so instead of catching up with all my friends and socialize with the outside world, I’m just gonna ignore them all and dive right into Gundam models all the way until Fall term begins! Living the GUNPLA INOCHI! C’MON EVERYONE! SHOUT IT WITH ME!


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MG Gundam Astray Red Frame Review

It has been exactly three months since my last Master Grade review (MG Acguy).That is quite a time skip and I thank you all for patiently waiting for this next one. Before you go check it out, I recommend that you take a 15 minute break away from the monitor and rest your eyes a bit first. 200+ images is a bit to scroll through… =)

Now without further ado, everyone… The MG Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai.

SD Gundam Unicorn Banshee

We all know who Keita is so I’ll skip the usual compliments.  I only check his site once a month and I usually find 1-2 projects completed on average. The guy just never fails to impress…

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Ugly Bootleg Gundams

Ahh… Chinese bootlegs at its best. With that sort of look and color scheme, “Arch Enemy” is a fitting name… Enemy of all that is Gundam!

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Tea Chat with Teh Tarik

My apology to the Malaysian readers here for not being able to drink the authentic stuff and have to resort to this instant stuff of the great drink, Teh Tarik ^^;. Hope it doesn’t sound as much of a blasphemy as it is an oxymoron; how do you have instant and “hand-pulled” tea?

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I don’t know what the heck I just watched but it was pretty random and I got a good kick out of it. Fireball is a 13-episode CGI anime series created by Disney(!) and Toei (old school super robots!) which you can breeze through under 30 minutes (!?). There is as much story and plot as Lucky Star, so if you want sophisticated character development, drama, surprising plot twist, and serious idle conversations then this is a must-watch. Since the series is so short, you don’t risk losing as much brain cell watching it as compared to Lucky Star.

My favorite episode. Seems like everyone have already seen this series… so guessing I’m a bit late here? ^^;

Gerbera Straight

Before- Crap-colored “gold” plastic

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