Gerbera Straight

Before- Crap-colored “gold” plastic


This is just the first layer. Will add another layer to finish things up.

This is how it should be done.

I’m thinking one Katana is all it really needs…

Need to make sure that I know how the joints behave and all before I do anything stupid/silly after topcoating…

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20 Responses to “Gerbera Straight”

  1. vibretto Says:

    hi there,
    the gold paint does make the sword parts look better. i am curious, did you manage to separate the 3 fingers?

  2. Gummi Says:

    is there any special way of painting with a brush?

  3. leongsoon Says:

    The Gold Frame’s backpack doesn’t look so out of place now with the gold katana bits, maybe you can just share the backpack between the two frames this way ^^ Btw may I know what gold colour are you using? I sprayed mine but it’s more grainy then shiny!

  4. Crappystuff Says:

    This is amazing Z.

  5. KKTE Says:

    Just amazing. Z, can you please share which gold you used for the katana?

  6. ErazEr Says:

    isn’t the scabbard supposed to be placed in reverse like the NG 100 or the PG 60?

  7. Static Says:

    Lookin’ real nice, Z! Just amazing…

  8. Tom Says:

    But Z, you know that you want it to have 2 swords. =P

  9. mechwarrior Says:

    What gold paint did you use? I have acrylic gold which just look the same as crappy gold colored plastic.

  10. dChaN Says:

    At least you don’t have nub marks like the PG. I still don’t know what I’m going to do about those…

  11. gnsquacker Says:

    hey Z, i made a banner. its on my site, would love it if you could put it up under my site in blogroll

  12. MrNick Says:

    Nice paint job Z, :o

    How’d you get that on so evenly? Did you go over it several times with a brush? And are you using Tamiya Gold Leaf or the TS-21 Spray Can?

    Man I’m starting to like this model more and more rofl, trying to decide which one to get, this one or the Sword Impulse XD damnit. Which would you get?

  13. Z Says:

    All questions (mainly I only see one) will be answered in due time…

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