HGUC Nu Gundam WISP 2

Just a quick post showing you all how far I’ve gone since the last WISP; don’t worry… just because I am reviewing Kamen Rider stuff doesn’t mean I’ve neglected the Gunpla side. And yea…. I’m just gonna leave the yellow details off- tried painting it, looked terrible, scrapped it. All that is left are the Fin Funnels… the most repetitive part of the model.

So what do you say I spend the first half of each week on KR stuff and the second half on Gunpla? Cool with both worlds here? ^^

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34 Responses to “HGUC Nu Gundam WISP 2”

  1. Yuiitsu-No Says:

    The HGUC looks a lot better than its MG Counterpart (Lol, get the reference? CounterAttack? Counterpart? Har har har…)

  2. gunpla4ever Says:

    the MC model looks more detail

  3. Ryuuzaki Says:

    lol Z, i thought you assembling the bootleg ver..

  4. mechwarrior Says:

    That this the Real Grade SD Nu Gundam.

  5. Q Says:

    The proportions with MG Nu Gundam head on HGUC Nu Gundam body reminds me of the very recent FW Gundam Converge toys ^^


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