Many assignments are being due within a week so things will be a bit slow here; the weapons is all I managed to finished. Working on the Fin Funnels right now. Some more news in a bit. Anyway, so we watched “In the Mood for Love” in one of my classes and it left me feeling a bit lonely afterwards… ^^;. Such a beautiful movie… Check out the music and the sequence!

Yea… don’t ask me why we were watching a Chinese love movie in class >_>

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32 Responses to “HGUC Nu WISP 3”

  1. Tom Says:

    Cheer up Z, it’s a big world out there.

  2. Atom Says:

    i think this music was in fable 2 lol. just saying.
    and you’ve got all of us ^.^

  3. KKTE Says:

    Are those Nu gundam’s penises or funnels @@?

  4. zoidiect Says:

    haha, again SD funnel

  5. ant1ph0n Says:

    i was real slow doing hguc nu and sazabi. i’m sure yours will look better though. =\

  6. ardian Says:

    Where does the black color came from ? If i’m not wrong, the HGUC nu weapons covered in white, did you paint it ?

  7. Gaijin Gunpla Says:

    I love that movie and the soundtrack is amazing. Maggie Cheung does a great job.

  8. gunpla4ever Says:

    Hmmmmmm……… watching that movie in class, maybe teacher feel bored then ask you guys to watch? lol

    • Z Says:

      haha… that was basically it. Something along the lines of “Hm… let’s do something different today… here! watch this!”

  9. Ra-eLLE Says:

    CUTE! It was such an old movie though, how can you not have watched it before?

  10. Anonymous Says:

    “Yea… don’t ask me why we were watching a Chinese love movie in class >_>” no need to, that would be irrelevant, the real question is why in the world you posted about it, it is probably because you are a fagget!

  11. ErazEr Says:

    ill pass.. one of the reasons why I skipped clannad.. but anyway.. almost done with the kit?..

  12. divinelight Says:

    now that I read this, wonder why Hi-nu’s bazooka don’t have this kind of color separation like Nu’s bazooka, whilst Hi nu’s one is pure 1 color.

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