MG W FangJoker, Skull and Accel

Was gonna lump this with the Gunpla Chat post but… this is not exactly “Gundam model” even if it is of the MG level ^^;. Haha.. even before I got into Kamen Rider or know what W is, I sorta called it on the MG FangJoker in this post. Again, waiting has paid off. It’s not so much that I don’t like CycloneJoker but I find it boring to be building the same model over and over again; FangJoker is basically the CycloneJoker model with spikes and half a different color scheme… and by extension, so is Skull. Still, I think I’ll be picking both of them up along with MG ReZEL Commander, DSH, and some other stuff. I WANTS THAT MG FEDORA! I am really not feeling those hands though… they look really unnatural! For “human” models, I think it’s better with it comes with fixed/set hands like its Figuarts counterpart than those..uh… mecha hands. Also, they look like they have some really thick thighs o_O

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