Back to Shigezo

Had a blast here the last time with a few of my friends so we came back this time to eat and drink to our heart’s content the night before going back to school ^^.

As always, if you have an empty stomach then proceed with caution.

Didn’t get to reserve the kotatsu room because the waitress said it was too small for our party of five so we got the bigger party room instead. How awesome of them to even provide slippers for us if we ever have to walk out of the room. Oh how I loved the atmosphere!

The floor is covered with bamboo sticks that felt like they can massage your feet ^^.

There’s the choice of either sitting on those cushions or on the tatami. Both were very comfy. With the doors shut, it certainly felt like we were in Japan ^^;.

Again with the fish cup of tea xD

To get the most out of the Japanese atmosphere, we even tried ordering from the Japanese side of new year special menu. Good thing two of my friends were Japanese >_>. Can you read this?

We didn’t try the sushi last time so we got some this time. Alaskan salmon.

Seared salmon. Mine :3

And more salmon

Actually the sushi bar was closing since we started so late and we were ordering a bunch of other things so we didn’t really grabbed much sushi… would’ve loved to try them all though.

Miso soup, anyone?

Kushiage… fried zucchini and quail eggs again.

Despite a huge lamp hanging above us and my Lumix GF1′s aperture set to 1.7 at ISO 1000 (my XSi would look grainy at this level), the photos came out darker than I wanted @.@

shishito pepper, shiitake, and…


A yakiniku skewer covered with grated daikon me thinks.

Tori no tsukune

More of the same stuff you saw last time. Gyoza, grilled wings, okonomiyaki, tonkotsu shoyu ramen, miso ramen, yakitori, and more eringi.

My honey yuzu chuhai. I could drink this all day!

I forgot what this was called… it was basically cod and tofu in a nabe broth with ponzu sauce.

See the fish now?

My plate of Yakisoba with a sunny side up.

a mess of deliciousness!

Ebi mayo… deep fried shrimp covered with chili mayo.

I hate mayo and even I think this was good!

My friends and I are spicy food addicts so at some point during the meal, my Japanese friend brought out this box of Naga Jolokia pepper to try for fun. We chopped just one pepper up into raisin-size bits and everyone popped a piece in their mouth… needless to say, we were all in pain for awhile but at least we knew what we were in for. No need to describe the excruciating details xD. One funny anecdote: one of my friends flat-out refuse to try it despite all sorts of peer pressure, but she later got a taste of its oil anyway on the chicken wing after using the metal spatula we used to cut the pepper with to cut me a piece of the chicken wing (Makes sense to you?). Needless to say, she was also in a world of pain… Her face afterward looked like she had given up all hope on humanity… xD

Just in time for dessert! Chocolate brownie sundae?

Like that mint leave!

Again with the tiramisu!

~$30 per person (5 of us) for all this food? OH HELL YEA WHY NOT! Best meal I had all winter break and the best way to kick off the new year!


What was that? The food didn’t piqued your interest? How’s this then?

Check it out. My first Gunpla loot of the year!  What’s inside? Well, a bunch of stuff. you’ll find out soon enough…

And no, it’s not the PG Strike Freedom >_>

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28 Responses to “Back to Shigezo”

  1. ErazEr Says:

    wow and this time I haven’t got dinner prepared yet xD

    and that big box is what I think it is???? xD

  2. WolfBoy Says:

    Nice Review Z! Food looks great..especially the Yakisoba & the Naga Jolks! Wonder..what’s your loot?

  3. John Says:


  4. Quanza Says:

    i almost sure at least 2 MG, 1 HG, and 2SD, and cans of Top Coat in there,..

    are you already took from GGInfinite Z?

  5. Tom Says:

    Again with so much food. No tempura ice cream? That’s like my favorite dessert in my sushi area. Hmm quite a surprising loot, considering that you have some back log left.

  6. Deo Paolo Says:

    again Z. you’re killing us with the mysteries!!! hahahahaha

  7. Alexkinamoto Says:

    No Fried Mozarella Wedges again? XD

    i wonder what inside that big box, mistery-yaaaa~

  8. Bobot Says:

    I’m guessing its the HG NZ-666 Kshatriya! AMIRITE? :D

  9. OZKai Says:

    Thank you for the last part. The box re-distracted me from my hunger.

    Bunch of things, huh? Something tells me one of ‘em’s an HWS Nu Gundam…

  10. Nyanerius/Shaomu Says:

    Damnit, I have a love-hate relationship with food “porn” of this caliber.
    …Acguy doesn’t like that box very much. It’s obviously not ZEON! It’s a Gundam!

  11. KKTE Says:

    Z, give us a hint on that box. Is it just one kit or several?

  12. Ra-eLLE Says:

    God damn that’s a loada food…
    Waiting for my shipments to come..
    Oh you got the 00 Raizer in PG?
    Construction is not as well as previous ones with the lack of pipes and stuff though.. But it looks good and has a 60cm sword so what the hell.

  13. krelik Says:

    acguy!!! Attack teh huge ass box!!!

  14. passerby Says:

    *hunger + @#$%&*

  15. busterbeam Says:

    ah just like home! or here… or… what am i trying to say? it looks really authentic! and a great price for all that. i mean i ate some of that stuff just last night myself and paid nearly the same price and that looks even better! haha

    im really curious if i can find a place like this back in toronto. never get tired of these posts!

    • Z Says:

      by yourself, you can eat up to that amount? I can assume a good portion of that might be from drinks? ^^;

      I think good places are everywhere if you are willing to seek them out… I would think toronto would have a MUCH better chance of having this sort of eatery than this tiny city of Portland. If not Japanese food, I’m sure there’s at least decent Chinese food!

  16. J & J Says:

    About that Naga Jolokia:
    U guys are nuts! That Naga is more than 10 times hotter than Bird’s eye chili commonly available in my country ( and I can barely take a single bite without burning my tongue.
    Next level: a single drop of pepper spray on your tongue, maybe :D

  17. Jose Renteria Says:

    if i ever visit.. this is one spot i must go! quality pictures means it usually makes me hungry.

  18. Gunplar Meet-up 2011 « An American Salaryman in Osaka Says:

    [...] to continue the drinking.  All three of us just happen to be fans of Z’s posts about food, so we thought we’d share with you some similar [...]

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