Gunpla Future Projects Update

Okay… let’s admit. Be it called Future Projects, backlog or whatever, it’s still a stash of models that need to be worked on eventually. Just wanted to make a quick post that I’ve updated the future projects page with everything that I plan to eventually work on. Things that have been in hiding up till now are also revealed. Now everything is going to be boring since there are no more secrets/mysteries/surprises on this blog anymore… or is there? ;)

See anything of interest on the page that you would like me to bump up the priority for reviewing? :)

First Gunpla Loot of the Year

First time ordering from fellow comrade Gundam Guy‘s online store and it certainly won’t be my last. Loved the experience and shipping was easy on the wallet since we both live on the same coast- the huge box only cost $15 to ship. All it took was send him an email with what I want, work out a deal, hand over the cash, shake hands, and viola! Here’s what I got…

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