Gunpla Future Projects Update

Okay… let’s admit. Be it called Future Projects, backlog or whatever, it’s still a stash of models that need to be worked on eventually. Just wanted to make a quick post that I’ve updated the future projects page with everything that I plan to eventually work on. Things that have been in hiding up till now are also revealed. Now everything is going to be boring since there are no more secrets/mysteries/surprises on this blog anymore… or is there? ;)

See anything of interest on the page that you would like me to bump up the priority for reviewing? :)

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24 Responses to “Gunpla Future Projects Update”

  1. ErazEr Says:

    now let’s see 2 Destiny, Noir, what happened to your other Impulse?

    The Deathscythe is what your friend bought for ya?

  2. GundamGazette Says:

    Can’t wait for the Deathscythe’s or another PG review!

    Are you planning on getting all of the other Gundams from the wing series? The Katoki variations of course.

    • Z Says:

      I have no intention of getting the Shenlong or the Sandrock Kai (but I do want the Ver. KA)… but things always end up here one way or another. like the MG V-Dash and Deathscythe… ^^;

  3. Siroh32 Says:

    Heheheheheheheh… I knew it. I totally knew it! (Yeah, I made a not-counted second guess based on my perception of your mindset that threw me off a tiny bit, but I really truly knew it!) Oh, how great this feels. :) It’s almost like the concept of going/coming around is entering your own world of Gunpla. The delight I have is the kind of delight that makes me want to go, “Nyah, nyah!” and, “I told you!” until I’m blue in the face. Yeah, it’s not like we made a bet or something, but it feels like it when you passed on the damn model only to have it come flying towards you like a boomerang. :P Honestly, your friend must have an unconscious (and good) taste in Gundam MS designs.

    Sure, it’s a plus you got it as a gift rather than buying it, but I’m sure the iffyness you have about the design will outweigh that when you build it and keep comparing it in your photos (and review) to the (upcoming) DSH ver. EW that you’ll surely build first. :) (Hey, if it’s any consolation, you can–for a second–forearm-swap with DS and overcome any wing-related clumsiness for some buster shield action! Almost as if it was in the anime…)

    This news ties (if not ever-so barely beats) the amazing Harry Ord (and his gold SUMO) making an appearance in Gundam Extreme Vs.

    • Z Says:

      I was going to give you some crap that you even need to make a mention of a second guess (counted or not!) considering I geared that message specifically for you but I can save that for some other time. Looks like I don’t have to say much in this reply… Except that you seem thrilled already even before I get around to opening its box xP.

      Well, if everything is going according to keikaku then you might see its review sooner than later… Portland weather is beginning to show some sign of improvement (not really…)

      • Siroh32 Says:

        Well, your reply here–and to Gaz’s above–satisfies me enough. I didn’t read that one yet when I was typing mine, but I feel so vindicated that even you know some unwanted Gunpla (which may not be so unwanted in my case) are going to act like boomerangs. Just take it with a smile; the closest thing I would have to a Gunpla Christmas (and birthday) would be my treatment of figures/models as tree decorations. :P

        And I got a peek of what’s inside already, thanks to my very own). (Nice choice for a first MG, wouldn’t you say? Yeah, I’m making repeated unimportant info obligatory. :P) I have a feeling you’d get to it sooner than mine though, even though I’m working on my TAG 1/144s and can technically breeze them by (I’m approaching the FLAT more casually in build time)… With one or two, though, I can already imagine the puns I’ll use when I get to photo-posting on DA. :)

  4. Hero Says:

    Eh, it’s not even as many as I thought you had. But I guess 11-12 annually does work out for the better. Wish my project log is this few.

  5. howard Says:

    Kshatriya 1st please!

  6. Zero Says:

    Hey Z I also got the SD 00 Quan (T)! Just watch out for a lot of loose joints!

  7. John Says:

    Wow, Z you so rich, so many GunPla…. steady eh…

  8. Kefka Says:

    I’d do Hi Nu. That one has been on the baack burner for awhile

  9. LeoUnSung Says:

    Zhi, why do you have an Impulse review, but on your updated future projects it has a boxart of Impulse…?

  10. iRemember Says:

    PG 00. I thought you didn’t like it? o_o;;

  11. ardian Says:

    that MG Full Armor Gundam… it’s actually a great looking kit, but they use some weird sticky thing to hold the armor, some says it easy to fall off

  12. nagisa Says:

    kshatsy huh. That hg sure has the price of an MG. Grrrr how I wixh I could have it,,,,,,yet. Working on the sinanju first before anything else, hehehe

  13. divinelight Says:

    vote for Ksatriya.

    that monster needs YOU to make it awesome!!

  14. Setsunator Says:

    why got 2 Destiny?

  15. neosonic Says:

    I so want Kshatriya review… that was what I wanted to say.. but your TWO destiny MGs were crying at the corner.. so I couldn’t stand them…..

  16. A-Coya Says:


    You know you want to…

    At this rate I’m going to build mine first and I’ve been putting it off until I’m better than the average GunPla builder and until I have all the tools of the trade so I can make it perfect.

  17. canopy Says:

    Mmmh, Full Armor Gundam, yummy…. I wonder if I’ll see your review on her this year.. :)

  18. HeroEX Says:

    MG Destiny and Hi Nu would be awesome – Red Frame would be great on the PG side too

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