MG Zeta Gundam Beam Rifle

Since the weather is a bit too cold for me to finish up the MG Destiny, I figured I should work on a small project for the time being. Fixing my 5-year-old beam rifle from the MG Zeta Gundam Ver. 2.0.

HOLY TERRIBLE NUBMARKS! Yea… I don’t think I knew what “nubmarks” were back then…

Removed that lame green foil sticker on the sensor…

And painted it red instead.

Did the best I could to clean up the nubs but the damage is permanent I guess >_<. I can live with this though.

Going over all the parts.

And painted the gray tube white. Oh how I hate white paint… I’m gonna need to redo this part later.

I’m sure some of you can see where I’m going with this project… :)


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23 Responses to “MG Zeta Gundam Beam Rifle”

  1. Ricafort Says:

    Hmm, a rifle for ReZEL Commander? Nice… By the way, I also bought the Zeta 2.0 last week, after watching the anime and reading your review. I had trouble painting the yellow bits in the shoulder,legs and beam rifle, but it was easy with the ones in the arms.

    Good luck in your Beam Rifle Project!

    • Z Says:

      Yea… back then I just used the yellow foils for those spots xD.


      • Ricafort Says:

        Yeah, I’ve read that you used the stickers for the yellow spots… I also read there that you prefer them to be bits of plastic instead of sticker… That’s where I got the idea of painting them instead… I got a little experience in painting from my MG Sinanju, which I also got the painting idea from your review xD… It (my painting) was not great, but I’m satisfied…

  2. nagisa Says:

    hehehe, fixing old projects sure is fun and a good place to practice. Why don’t you try painting the rifle in metallic scheme?

  3. eyeshield30 Says:

    for be used by MG ReZel Commander?

  4. LeoUnSung Says:


  5. US_of_Zeon Says:

    I hear you on the white paint – that and white Gundam marker are a pain to get a good covering with (especially if you want to do as few coats as possible). Probably why I haven’t tried Citadel’s Skull White on my models. >.>

  6. Kefka Says:

    What about those yellow squares.

  7. Crappystuff Says:

    Yes the white paint still doesn’t give me the love I deserve. Planning to get a set of paint bottles for my in 1/100 00 Raiser Designer’s Color Version.

  8. Tom Says:

    This is more economically sane compare to ordering parts huh. :)

  9. Point Blank Sniper Says:

    hmm… this is getting painted, so i guess whatever happens, there probably won’t be any epoxy gun cloning

  10. neosonic Says:

    hahaha.. that’s the best decision Bro :)

  11. Jonnay Says:

    For white I’ll usually just get a spray can and douse it @_@ unless they’re teenie tiny parts… not sure how I’ll go about them yet >_< kshatriya's white details *shudder*

  12. ErazEr Says:

    its funny that when we redo a kit to remove nubs is apparently its harder to do rather than cleaning it along the build process xD

  13. Anonymous Says:

    you should use putty for the deep nubmarks

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