MG Gundam Deathscythe Hell Boxart

Batman, your Gundam has arrived! I know the Batman line is a bit of a cliche but this is the biggest homage yet! This has got to be one of the best visual representation of a Gundam ever! Instead of the usual cool pose with a chaotic battlefield in the back, you get a more symbolic “be one with the night” portrayal; there are BATS everywhere! In front of the moon! I don’t remember seeing any bats in Gundam Wing! nor in any Gundam series for that matter.  This boxart is just bat$#!* awesome! And yes, it is worth talking about! I wish there is a bigger size so I can make it my wallpaper!

If you really look at it though… aren’t the bats kinda big? like almost human-sized? or maybe Deathscythe shrunk? xD

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