Gunpla Inochi Year 3 Giveaway

As is the tradition every year, it’s time for another contest following the obligatory anniversary post. The game is simple and takes very little time… but don’t expect it to be easy. *puts on troll face* >:)

UPDATE 2: Last day to submit guesses will be on 10/4 at 9:30 PM.

UPDATE: Hints revised a bit because I found one that was a bit misleading.



You know the photo of those boxes in “The Boxes” post and in the “Non-Gunpla Loot” post? Well, I hope you remembered them because I’ve pulled them now… and you have to tell me what are in those boxes. The photos have been up for some time now so you should have a fairly good idea on how the boxes look like (and how many there were). So yea… just tell me what you think are inside those boxes and you’ll be the winner. Simple enough right? I’ll make it even better. Since I pulled the photos, I’ll make up for it with a bunch of hints but BEWARE! None of the hints are misleading but many are intentionally useless! You won’t be able to decipher the answer just from the hints so you will have to do some digging and guesswork.


- You will have to determine how many boxes there were in the photo (if you remembered, then this is no problem) and tell me what was inside of them. Reasonably precise names required (example: “SH Figuarts Kamen Rider W FangJoker”, “SHF Fangjoker” or “MG RX-78-2 2.0″… NOT “FangJoker” or “RX-78-2 Gundam”). If I can’t tell what you’re referring to, I’ll just throw it out the window >_>.

- You are allowed to miss ONE guess and still win. However, the prize will be different though.

- You only have one chance to submit your answer. No revisions!

- Since we live in different time zones, it is not first-correct-first-win. If more than one person guesses the correct answers, then there will be a tie breaker through email.

- The hints are what they are; I will not clarify them. Use them at your own discretion. I tried my best to make them not misleading! Don’t read too hard into them! I’m sure you can tell which ones are total BS…

- You have until 9:30 PM on Tuesday 10/4 to submit me your answers.

- Email your answers to gunpla(dot)inochi(at)gmail(dot)com. Also if you don’t mind, please also tell me what country you live in as I would like to get a feel of where the majority of my readers are from.

-There will only be one winner.



- Kamen Rider Kuuga was the first Heisei rider.

- Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is coming out on November 15!

- Unlimited boost for the Hildolfr? I thought it was a tank…

- Gunpla? No. Not this time.

- Acceleration is the change of velocity over time. Basic physics is basic.

- Swords >>> guns. Always.

- Kamen Rider Fourze’s sequel will be Faiz… count on it!

- Ultimate Kuuga is still the Turn A of Kamen Rider

- Laplace’s box can be used to destroy the Feddies eh? Let’s mass produce it!

- Limited edition figures make me sad…

- OO Gundam… O Gundam… Kamen Rider OOO… what’s with the O fascination?

- Wing Gundam is my least favorite Gundam in Gundam Wing

- I’m curious how W would look if it uses the Skull memory…. CycloneSkull or SkullTrigger…or FangSkull…

- None of OOO’s designs are appealing except Tajador.

- Ganbatte!

- All the answers you need are on the web. Yokatta desu ne! ^^v

- X-Men is cool. I like Wolverine.

- Everything here was released this year

- Let me know if you are really struggling and I will type out the answers for you.


I can’t show you the main prize because this is going to be the tie breaker if more than one of you guesses all the correct answers. It will be good though. This is the prize if you guessed ALL of the boxes right. And if you don’t like this prize at the end, we can work something out… though I’m pretty confident most of you will like this ^^.


If the winner misses one of the guesses, then he/she can choose between the two above. The tie breaker would still be guessing the main prize but the winner would get one of these instead.

Please don’t put your answers in this post and keep what you think you know from the hints to yourself so this can be as fair as possible. I’ll update this post if I’m missing some essential information but I think everything is good to go. Good luck!

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39 Responses to “Gunpla Inochi Year 3 Giveaway”

  1. death the kid Says:

    congrats on the anniversary Z! :D

  2. Siroh32 Says:

    No fair; I just discovered your anniversary post a minute ago!

    Please, oh please, I hope you don’t give away MG Deathscythe. It’ll mean so much to me if we can build it at the same time and post WIP shots! Okay, it may not be that big a deal, but come on: how many models (built or unbuilt) in our collection are ones we both have?

    (Geez, my post has a hint of gloominess. Oh, well.)

    • Z Says:

      Nah. Not MG Deathscythe. I think what I’m giving away as the main prize is technically better than it… I THINK!

      • Siroh32 Says:

        Well, thanks for the “I THINK!” part. I haven’t forgotten your Gunpla Chat comments either; my motivation being towards PS3 more than making a post about yours (or something) doesn’t mean I forgot about similar two cents on MG Sandrock either. :P

        (Now to actually make a reply on the previous entry as I originally intended…)

  3. LeoUnSung Says:

    This will be difficult.
    Btw, Zhi. Confused about some things.
    You said you’d remove the images on Non-Gunpla Loot.
    It’s still there :D

  4. Lelouch Says:

    Oh, darnit. I knew I shoulda paid more attention to that post!!

    I kinda just skimmed it and moved on to the recent ones since there was just one picture and I figured you’d let the cat outta the bag some time…

    Oh my…so many Kamen Rider references/hints…but I don’t know the first thing about Kamen Rider. D:

    Best to still try my luck at some though, I suppose…your success rate is always 0 if you don’t try! :D

  5. Anonymous Says:

    not gundams eh? i thought one of them were a MG delta plus gundam… hmmmm this is a toughy :/

  6. Ra-eLLE Says:

    The last box is REALLY confusing ):

  7. maknaedik Says:

    So I was right an anniversary give a way. I knew it. But this one is HARDER than last year’s. Oh well :P

  8. Junior Says:

    I almost blow my mind, thinking of what they are. Goodluck to all!

  9. Quanza Says:

    ‎”Kamen Rider Fourze’s sequel will be Faiz… count on it!” i actually need about 10sec to laugh. (must have been killed by Faiz Accel right now) XD

  10. Person Says:

    Its definately something to do with kamen rider, something I have never watched or have no idea about.
    So I lose. :L
    Or I just need to watch the kamen rider show and read the wiki. >.>

    *Starts watching Kamen rider vids*

    Anyway If I was to guess.

    I thought I it was a Hello kitty stuffed toy

  11. Terrorhunt Says:

    I’m pretty confident with my previous guess, but since there’s only 4 boxes I’m narrow it down to 4 instead of 5.

  12. daymien Says:

    I actually posted my guesses on that boxes post when the post came out, now I know why comments for the post got off:D

  13. WolfBoy! Says:

    I think I’ll skip this one..seems a bit hard for me! Lulz…..anyways,fistbumps for the anniversary and many more years to come! Love,Malaysia!! Hahaha!

  14. menroko Says:

    LOLZ I love my guesses!

  15. Twinkie Says:

    Few things.

    Is it the boxes in this post?

    And is the prize anyway Kamen Rider related. (I for one, don’t like tokusatsu anymore.)

  16. yokusaimaru Says:

    may i must answer with the box details? example

    “inside the box of MG rx 78-2 ver ka is hguc sazabi”

    am i right if i answer like this?

    “the answer of hints ‘sword>>>guns. always’ is blablablabla”

    i’m very confused please someone help mee….

  17. Point Blank Sniper Says:

    these things always have to be so complicated lol
    i never have the attention span to bother trying XD

  18. yokusaimaru Says:

    okay thx

  19. rndm Says:

    I only poked in here now after being busy with RL and did not see those posts beforehand. D’oh. Well, good luck to those who are participating! ^^b

  20. Twinkie Says:

    One Final Question, did you review any of the things in the boxes?

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