WISP: MG Fang Joker

I can talk about how a pickup truck smashed into the driver side of my car because the driver decided to change lanes on the freeway without looking, leaving my car in the repair shop for two weeks while the truck takes off with its tire polished. Luckily, they are paying for the damage. If I go on with the story, then I must go into a rage fest about the average American drivers here so I’ll just stop here. Since I don’t have any broken bones, I’ll just brush off my injuries as “mere bruises” and move on- I AM part Gundam after all. However, I really appreciate and thank you for your concern this whole time ^^. ANYWAY… Yea, it’s been awhile since I’ve built a MG but it has been even longer since I did something Kamen Rider related so why not have the best of both worlds?

Worked on this guy during my absence and could’ve finished it in a few days but I am getting crushed by academic obligations at the moment.I was hoping to finish it by Halloween but it doesn’t seem likely at this point…

I like how it comes with all the parts you need for the original W head but you cannot have two heads at the same time because the internal parts are shared. Speaking of heads…

Bought this at Kinokuniya for $15. Not a bad price.

Now… let’s move on to those boxes…

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25 Responses to “WISP: MG Fang Joker”

  1. zoidiect Says:

    you’re fine after all. good to see you’re back with your modelling engines there

  2. 00kaiser Says:

    Nice.. got One too ^__^ Fang JOOKA!! sadly i’ve only got One Kamen Rider W T__T”

  3. pyricseraph Says:

    Glad, you’re back and fine. Best wishes on your future works. Can’t wait to read the new review.

  4. XZF Says:

    Yey, glad you are back Z. Can’t wait for your next post :)

  5. CKai Cydek Says:

    I would kill for a MG Figurise of Kamen Rider Black, the very first KR series I ever watched. A RX kit would also be appreciated ^_^

    Also, I wonder if Bandai would consider kits of the bikes as well? Somehow, Kamen Rider Accel doesn’t really cut it for me…:P

  6. maknaedik Says:

    I didn’t thought of MG Kamen Riders :(

  7. kefkaownsall Says:

    Glad you’re alright

  8. menroko Says:

    what happened to the contest?
    and Welcome Back Z!

  9. FG Mike Arroyo Says:

    Welcome back Z!

  10. shinkiro Says:

    part gundam eh? ahahaha nice one…. glad your ok..

  11. Signum Says:

    It’s great to know that you’re okay, I usually only lurks around here but I guess it doesn’t hurt to say “I’m glad you’re OK”

    And that part gundam bit might be true afterall haha.

  12. astrayjohn Says:

    glad your ok also cool video

  13. oki no himi Says:

    your not part gundam Z……..you ARE gundam! ORE WA GUNDAMMU!!!

  14. death the kid Says:

    :D its great that youre okay! the MG figuerise kits all look great ^_^

  15. crimson comet Says:

    あなたはガンダムです!Anata wa GANDAMUDESU! above anything else z, glad you’re well T_T
    this is why we should live our lives to the fullest every day, hour, minute, second.
    never waste a single moment cause it might be your last. good luck with yer kamen ridah, gandamu “zeta”!

  16. The_R Says:

    これは純粋種の力が?! Welcome back Z :D! Good to see you ok!

  17. Ra-eLLE Says:

    OMFG you BACK ZHI, I~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MISSED YOU~~~~~~~~~~~SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCH~~~~~~~~~~~~~! Hope Z-mobile will be good as new too ^^

  18. MinA Says:

    Glad to know that you’re ok. Welcome back ! ^^

  19. Tom Says:

    Good to see you’re back! And it’s more the reason why I don’t want to drive trucks haha.

  20. Elvin Says:

    @Accident – I think it applies to all countries. You get the same type of people who think they can just switch lanes on the motor/high way without checking their mirros or blind spots first… I was a victim of such a driver as well. Good thing I was able to bring the car to a stop after crashing and taking out about 200 meters of the central reservation railings after skiding sideways due to swerving to avoid that idiot in a rover… My considerate actions left his vehicle untouched and well, here are the pictures of my vehicle. only thing I can say is thank God nothing else serious happened and the car played its part in keeping the occupants save by sacrificing itself…




    The vehicle, a Ford Puma was a write off and is now dead in a scrape yard I believe. I must say I feel like a pilot in an MS who just got shot and crashed when I opened the jammed driver’s door to get out lol.

    • Z Says:

      It seems to be common for SUV-type drivers to pull that kinda stuff on other drivers. I believe you drive an Elise now right?

      • Elvin Says:

        Yup I drive an Elise now but i think it is much more fragile as the shell is made of “plastic” and the frame is aluminum :P

        If it crashes, the shell will most probably be gone in an instant and you will just see the pilot… i mean driver in the cockpit with all the aluminum frame left…

        Having an Elise has its advantages as well as you are able to pull out from people who didnt see you over taking them quickly, narrowly missing you whilst they attempt to sideswipe you due to them not checking their mirrors and blind spots before moving out into the “fast” lanes

        I guess the only thing we can do is assume that the other driver did not see us and be prepared to take “evasive maneuvers” to avoid getting hit…

        Someone should come up with a Mobile Suit type alarm/alert system which sounds when there is an incoming idiot on the road. 

        Instead of haro saying 敵接近 (teki sekkin) we could have 馬鹿接近 (baka sekkin)!!! lol

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