Earth Warrior Jindam

This should’ve been the new Gundam series…


Props for the Meguri Ai insert!


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34 Responses to “Earth Warrior Jindam”

  1. Strike Says:

    man..that man is awesome
    i always love his comedy sketches

  2. ErazEr Says:

    made me laugh the first time

    I laughed again after watching the 2nd time xD xD

  3. Lelouch Says:

    Japanese comedy combined with a nice meldramatic bit at the end. I like it. :D

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Hey, why Shinji? Write about Gendo dammit!

    • Z Says:

      I did actually. My paper was about Shinji and Gendou’s relationship and on their giri and ninjou.

      • Ra-eLLE Says:

        YES, that’s my mang right there. :)
        When’s dem finals done? I’m done by the end of this week, I can almost taste the freedom, and all the food I’mma stuff down..

        • Z Says:

          I am technically done… but I am not off the hook yet. Still some lingering academic issues that I need to address before I can say “BREAK!!!”

  5. Ra-eLLE Says:

    Oh yeah, SD Gundam OL just launched in North America on OGPlanet, who’s up for some battling during the break? :)

    • Z Says:

      I still need to look into that. I heard about it and it seems like a big deal. BUT I HAVE SOOO MANY OTHER GAMES TO PLAY D:

      • Ra-eLLE Says:

        It is a pretty BIG deal my man! It’s awesome even with simple controls and all. I’ve been playing it during my study breaks, unleashing Shining Finger on unsuspecting foes… Trying to get that Super Mode Shining though…

  6. Blitzkriegomega Says:

    1/100 pastic Nightingale…it finally exists….it’s not Bandai, but it’s not a knockoff either since it’s designed entirely from scratch…but I dunno…more than likely it’ll be Hollow and/or fix-posed…I’m not expecting anything superdynamic because of the design, but still…

  7. foxycoder Says:

    HI Z,

    It’s been a long while since you created a post :). I’ve been a lurker to your blog

  8. Dredhawk Says:

    Just wondering you still alive been almost 2 months since you lasted posted?????????????

  9. Death the Kid Says:

    Z you dead???

  10. Estilo Says:


    Plz come back… we need your review for certain gundam…. like your work so much….

  11. Anonymous Says:

    No Hello Kitty this year for April Fool’s Day?

  12. Gugu Says:

    Z plz come back!

    We miss you \o/

  13. Anonymous Says:


  14. busterbeam Says:

    hey miss your stuff man, i know about life getting in the way. my blog has kinda fallen by the wayside too with so much **** going on. anyway looking forward to your return and good luck with everything thats going on.

  15. Point Blank Sniper Says:

    you should make a post everyday with nothing but a title saying “still alive” lol.
    that way, we know you havent become a zombie XD

  16. Anonymous Says:

    See you soon Z

  17. crimson comet Says:

    i miss your review with outstanding photography Z

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