Free Gunpla GET

I came to work one day and found a paper bag with these two inside on my desk. They were left for me by a fellow coworker who was leaving. He asked me before if I wanted them because he knows I was into Gunpla, but I refused and suggested he should sell them instead; I already have a huge backlog that I am not really chipping away at. Looks like they ended up in my hands after all. He believes that my Gunpla skill will actually bring out more of the Gundam. While I don’t find that true, I was still motivated and encouraged by his words. Even if I don’t get around to building them, these two will still be a memento of my coworker for me.

With these two, I now have the whole line-up of Destiny Gundam (SD, HG, 1/100, MG) and Strike Noir (SD, HG, MG). Since it’s with me, might as well at least take a look right? I can’t believe it… The model itself only consists of three to four runners! Now compare these two to my current project which is also a HG 1/144…

FIFTEEN RUNNERS! Gunpla technology sure has advanced all these years…

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23 Responses to “Free Gunpla GET”

  1. Mark Says:

    Must be a sign that god wants you to keep doing awesome gunpla reviews

  2. Elvin Says:

    Not always you get free stuff these days especially in this economic climate :) Are you sure it is only 3 runners? I know that destiny has 4 (not including the display base) and strike noir has got 5 (not including the base) :P

  3. zoidiect Says:

    inb4 jokes on not being able to pronounce the name ‘Kshatriya’ right (or type, in this case)

  4. Zeon_Two_Six Says:

    Good luck with that behemoth, Z… XD

  5. yaminoseigi Says:

    I will be looking forward when you finish both HG Destiny and Strike Noir Gundam Z!

    come to think of it i need to work on my backlog as well lol

  6. lupes Says:

    Delicious Kshatriya. Mine is mostly built, awaiting the day I feel like masking and painting it.

  7. Deikun Says:

    Ah, fond memories of that Kshatriya. Fun build, after I got through painting the sleeves ans chest. Seriously, those things are tiny in 1/144 scale. ._. Reminds me that I should probably redo my review for mine, now that my camera’s not useless…

  8. Tom Says:

    Well, Kshatriya is a bigger kit haha. Good luck painting the white “sleeves” though…

  9. bd77 Says:

    Slowly yet surely MG-tech and engineering is seeping into the HG line, making them more better than before (which, is to the enjoyment of HG-fans like myself. :D).

    • Z Says:

      That’s nice and all but it sure is bumping up the prices of HG though… before, you can kinda just buy a HG for fun without caring too much about the price ($15-20)… now sometimes it becomes a decision between it or a MG later o_o.

  10. The_R Says:

    HG Destiny is a pretty decent kit for when it was released back in…2006? Haven’t built Strike Noir, but it looks pretty good runner-wise.
    But yeah, the new HG kits are pretty damn awesome. Z, have you seen the ReZEL Type-C B-defenser? 14 runners including PC parts.

  11. darkandchoco Says:

    Okay that’s a lot of gunpla to do! Kshatriya! =3

  12. Z Says:


  13. Z Says:


    Now comes the nightmare…

  14. Q Says:

    Strike Noir felt pretty advanced for its time back then I’d think; the articulations and details were what got me back into Gunpla actually ^^;

    15 runners for Kshatriya! I’m really looking forward to see you finishing it! :D

  15. セイヤ/Flawless Says:

    All of my kits so far are from 00, but I love Unicorn to bits too. Quite tempted to pick up a Kshatriya. Looking forward to the WISPs and reviews!

  16. GundamGazette Says:

    Haha, that destiny brings back memories. It was my first attempt at “seriously” building a gunpla.

    Everytime I look at it I always think how glad I am that I have gotten better at building gunpla. :P

  17. DXDiagist Says:

    This touched my hearts in ways that my heart has never been touched before.

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