Went from this…

To this…

So now this…

Can finally look something like this. Hopefully by the end of next week.

*tension rising*


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22 Responses to “Sleeves”

  1. The_R Says:

    *Plays MOBILE SUIT in head again*

    Great job Z!

  2. Prolifikprojects Says:

    wow, that is some delicate panel lining, so tough! what did you use? So amazing and awesome, you are the master!!

  3. beamknight87 Says:

    Gonna recreate that scene with the Stark Jegan?

  4. Hangger Says:

    Lets see those comics again Z.

  5. Nyanerius/Shaomu Says:

    So beautiful… Man, I wish my HGUC Sinanju’s sleeves looked as nice. Any tips, or will you save those for the reviews?

  6. Lelouch Says:

    Have to say, you did a really impressive job on the sleeves, especially considering how tiny they are in 1/144 scale…did you use micro-masking and spray ‘em, or hand-brush ‘em with yer clearly very steady hands? They seem to be matte-coated too, while the actual suit doesn’t…did those early, I guess? O_o

    Can’t wait for the final product! Guessing you haven’t got around to lining the whole thing or painting in the crotch-thrusters yet, hmmm? Really lookin’ forward to an omake. :D

    • Z Says:

      Yea, Kshatriya is not really “finished” even though it is complete. Just couldn’t help doing some early shots.

  7. darkandchoco Says:

    Nice work there on the sleeves! Must have been a pain painting them XD

  8. oki no himi Says:

    the great thing about unicorn is that they have all the exciting music that makes your heart pump, even when your not watching it!

  9. Q Says:

    Those sleeves are quite a nightmare to colour! I faced it hard with the 3 Dreissens I got last year @_@; You did a really good job on it!

    And what’s with Stark Jegan trying to be Kshatriya in the 3rd photo?!

    • Z Says:

      Thanks Q! Otsukaresama deshita to you on those 3 Dreissens! There’s no way I would be able to do that ^^;
      and about that photo… just my silly shenanigans and irony kicking in xD

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