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Well I am a bit late as usual. If any of you are still around would like to take gander at what I’m up to now, then feel free to just hop on over to Kansai Inochi!

Yup… I am studying in Japan right now and this is the reason why this place is on a hiatus once again. Working on the applications, applying for scholarships, filling out other paperworks, do this, do that, get ready… and now here I am. This is also the main reason why I’ve been so inactive on the Gunpla side of things. Ironic isn’t it? I am quitting Gunpla to go to the heaven/kingdom/birthplace of all that plastic goodness xD.

My new site won’t contain Gundam stuff but if you like my random food and miscellaneous life posts here, then you should be very well familiar with what I will be talking about there. Basically another blog about life in Japan just like this place is another blog about Gundam models. Another new learning experience for me just like when I started this blog.

If any of you are pondering about studying abroad in Japan in the future, maybe Kansai Inochi will help provide you with a more personal glimpse of what you can expect to experience over there. A “home look” at Japan perhaps? xD But anyway, I hope to make the blog helpful to those who are interested while still delivering my personal touch on things. Also feel free to ask me any questions related to Japan and I will try my best to get the answers for you.

I was actually already in Japan by the time I made my last post here but it’s just been so… busy that I couldn’t sit down and get back here sooner. it’s only been less than a month, but I’ve done A LOT here already. Traveling, trying out new things, meeting new people, learning how to commute, culture shocking myself… it’s all there. And more will come.

Any Gundam related things? I met up with Rob from ASM for the first time and we had an all too awesome of a time talking about life, Gundam and everything in between while he showed me around Osaka.

Well, anything else you wanna know then you can just hop on over…


See you there!
- Z

Gunpla Inochi: To Be Continued…

Hello Everyone,

I deeply regret telling you all this but… my time here is up. I really wished I could’ve went out with a bang instead of quietly disappearing like this. I was hoping to finish the Kshatriya then move onto the MG FA Gundam and ending it with the MG Deathscythe. That’s not possible now. What a crappy and lame ending this is -_-;

Well, I can’t do anything about it now since I am far away from home. I won’t be closing this place down or anything though; this will just be a long “official” hiatus. I’ll try to bring this place back to life once again hopefully starting next summer if anyone still cares. I know I’ll still care for sure. Yea… sorry for disappointing all of you. I’ll totally understand if you want to leave some hate comments ^^;. I deserve a few at least.

Like I’ve mentioned in my return post, I am starting a new chapter of my life right now which I want to share with all of you when I get things set up and ready to go. It should be fun and interesting I hope. It will be different that’s for sure. It’s a whole new world after all. A whole new familiar world.

So yea… this is it for now. Thank you for all your support all these years. It was all in good fun while it lasted. It has been a pleasure.
- Z

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Pop Music at Work

Random post for the day. Just wanna share the kind of music I usually hear playing at work from time to time. I apologize if some of you have already overplayed these songs a long time ago but I bet they are still catchy :P. Here are a few that gets stuck in my head the most…

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Back to Gunpla…

FINALLY! Z HAS COME BACK… *takes a deep breath* TO GUNPLA INOCHI! o_O *ahem* Anyways, Happy belated 2012, Happy belated Chinese New Year, Happy belated any other holiday that I have missed since December till now. Yea… it’s been that long. Where do I even begin now? Giving you all a personal history/excuse of what I have been doing this whole time and why I have been gone might be a bit lame for a “long time no see” post even if it is typical. I’ll trust that those who understands and believes in me probably won’t need to hear it and those who hates me for it won’t for it anyway. Though I must say… life has been sorta miserable and unlucky for me this whole year but let’s not get into any sob stories. Year of the Dragon… I thought I was supposed to be luckier?

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Gunpla Inochi Giveaway Tie Breaker!

ATTENTION FINALISTS! Mark D., Thien N., Roy A., reeoyuy, beamknight87, Edmund C., Vic. L, and Lupes! Here is how the tie breaker will go down…

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Gunpla Inochi Year 3 Giveaway

As is the tradition every year, it’s time for another contest following the obligatory anniversary post. The game is simple and takes very little time… but don’t expect it to be easy. *puts on troll face* >:)

UPDATE 2: Last day to submit guesses will be on 10/4 at 9:30 PM.

UPDATE: Hints revised a bit because I found one that was a bit misleading.


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Non-Gunpla Loot

Some of the stuff that came this week… and nothing Gundam related…

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Okonomiyaki Round 2

It’s been awhile since the last time we’ve done お好み焼き. Stuff like this is always fun with friends ^^.

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Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 at TGS ’11

As an avid Capcom FG player since STREET FIGHTER II, there is so much to hype about UMvC3 that November just can’t come fast enough! I don’t have a PS3 yet but I’ll still get this game… and play it at my friend’s house for the time being xD. $40 for this is amazing! There’s also Dai-2-Ji SRW OGS, SRWZ2.2, and Gundam Extreme Vs… ’tis a good year for Sony games. I’m just gonna assume most of you know what the basic premise of UMvC3 is about (kick your opponent’s ass) and just get straight to the point: new character reveals at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

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Last Day- Chinese Food

For our last day in SF, we decided on Chinese food for a change. Starting the day out with dim sum…

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