SH Figuarts Kamen Rider W FangJoker

Hands down the most awesome form of Double in my opinion xP. Instead of Shoutarou, Philip is the host body for this form so henshin time is actually limited due to his weaker body. As FangJoker, W seems to be more agile and fights more ferociously than the other forms. Love the spiky flares all over the body which give W a bit more wild look to go with the fighting style!

Quote: “Akuma to ainori suru yuuki, aru ka na?” – “Do you have the courage to ride with the devil?”. I noticed a a misleading photo on the back; the lower left photo shows FangJoker using CycloneJoker’s “Count up your sins!” hands but they are actually not included >_>.

Hands: Open palms, holding hands, two-finger pose hands, “Count up your sins” hands ver. Philip.

Weapons: Arm Fang, Shoulder Fang, Maximum Drive.

360 degrees view. FangJoker is quite the looker! :D

Very fearsome!

Closer look at the details. The Fang Memory and the W Driver are reasonably detailed for their size so I have no complaints there (except the fang memory’s design reminds me a bit of Power Rangers). I think W looks aesthetically better overall with all the spiky flares and whatnot… just check out those eyes! ^^. Oh yea, those protruding spikes all over the body are sharp enough to make you say “o0o!” but not enough to say “ouch!”. The W-fin is also improved over the other forms because it doesn’t have that nasty nubmark underneath it but it also seems to be a bit more fragile since it is thinner as well.

Let’s get wild!

Just like the real thing, the figure is also very agile.


“What can I say? I’m just too damn popular”


*PSH* *Dinosaur screech* ARM FANG!

Swap out the normal wrist band for the Arm Saber version. This can sometimes be a pain because you have to pull out the hand first and pop it back in afterward… which is not exactly easy.

All the Fang parts are hard plastic so caution is advised when handling them to prevent risk of snapping.


FANG BOOMERANG!Actually… the Fang part is not really usable because the tip of the blade is actually missing -_-.

Again due to the missing blade tip, W can’t wield it because Shoulder Fang looks so silly without it.

I wonder why W never use both at the same time…


1! 2! 3! “Rider Kick…” RIDER KICK! *ksh! ksh! ksh! Dinosaur screech* FANG!




FangJoker has a lovely Rider Kick but I find it rather difficult to capture in still photography because the move is in constant motion during the whole sequence. Slashing someone with your feet is just plain awesome.

Why is there no FangMetal, or FangTrigger? Is the Fang memory obstructing the left side from changing memory?

Damn… I wished Double could’ve fought like this too.






The Jokers

We need something like a “Den-O x W” team-up where we can have different W from multiple points in time in different forms and team up :D



Kamen Rider W in any other form is still W. Though this one has some minor aesthetic improvements over the others in that Bandai fixed the W-fin’s nubmark (it’s not there) and the joints (elbows and knees) are in the appropriate color (not black like the others), this is still the same W. I think I can safely assume that anyone who collects SHF and loves W will undoubtedly love the FangJoker (top favorite or not), and will want to get their hands on this figure anyway so I’m guessing there’s no need for a “verdict”, right? :D



41 Responses to “SH Figuarts Kamen Rider W FangJoker”

  1. Quanza Says:

    joker memory never fails me (except that gruesome Cyclone Joker Extreme)
    and the joints blends nicely, quite unnoticed,…

    and that Rider Kick omake,.. God, i always LOLed hard anytime i saw it…

  2. rndm Says:

    Ugh! I wanted to get this one too but seeing that MGF one will be released next year… it’s still left to how well my wallet fare next year.

    So, you have completed the main forms of W. You must be real happy. ^^ And Bandai is too, knowing that their multi form product sells well. >.>

    • Z Says:

      I’ll be getting the MG model too. I think they are different enough to not have to choose between one or the other. But if I really must… so far the SHF wins simply because it has better hands >_>.

  3. Terrorhunt Says:

    I’m thinking of getting only CycloneJoker, but now you made me want to get this one too.

    Damn…. another one on the shelf.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Advent to the top !

    Den-O is the only Kamen Rider series I’ve watched and I loved it ! I love your little reference to it

  5. k_yagami Says:

    You’re right Z, this is the my favorite W form. Do you leave your Fang Joker on the shelf or in the packing box? Mine is in the box because I’m afraid the sun and the dust make the Fang part become brownish over time like Gundam models. Is there any way to protect the color from fading?

    • Z Says:

      I just might have to put them back in the box if I can’t find a way to display them…

      I don’t know if SHF will fade or not but I supposed it is better to play it safe and put them out of the sun’s way.

  6. Wes Says:

    Haha Z I knew your banner had to do with the colours of the Kamen Rider W!

    Would you be getting the Kamen Rider Gold Extreme too?

    Btw, I also found a service on eBay to improve the Cyclone Joker Extreme figure with the hologram effect… Looks really better after the servicing.

    • Z Says:

      Wow… $25 for the hologram effect? It does look very nice and accurate though. I don’t have any intention of buying the Extreme Gold or whatever they call it.

  7. beamknight87 Says:

    Awesome! This is also my most favorite W form, gotta love the contrast between white and black and the blades he uses to attack.
    My guess is that since it is a special memory (as “special” as one can be) for Phillip, it can’t combine with any of the other memories.
    I suppose you also have Accel by now…

  8. sl619 Says:

    The best W form ever and u did it justice with all the signature poses! :D

  9. Aya Says:

    wow cool you have all of the main form :D

  10. DF Says:

    You know, this form remind me of Chipp Zanuff from the Guilty Gear games

    • Z Says:

      I don’t know who that is until I googled it… and I can see the Arm Fang resemblance. Not to mention the black and white color scheme too..

  11. gunpla4ever Says:

    Wow , looks like u have almost the whole set of the W

  12. WolfBoy Says:

    Awesome Review Z! Imma Be getting figurise HeatMetal Later today..currently 12.42pm in malaysia!

  13. Gummi Says:

    Reminds me of Guyvers arm blades :D

  14. Marzz Says:

    I am still waiting for mine…. ZZZZZ

  15. Louis Says:

    wow z you made a fan of kamen riders too i think i might pick up this figure and the cyclone joker too in the future when i have the money.

  16. zed Says:

    seems fang joker is really popular :) i really like the black/white color scheme of this W form.

    Z, when actually did you get your copy of fang joker? because it’s pretty much sold out as soon as it was re-released.

  17. divinelight Says:

    the best form!!!
    I’ll go with this when MG Figurise arrives.

  18. eighteleven Says:

    Damn you Z! you made me start watching W and now I’m bitten by the KR bug badly ._. Kabuto’s my favourite so far

    I was looking for this, heatmetal and cyclonejoker during my trip to singapore but I couldn’t find them D:

    Really awesome review by the way! Love the black and white colour scheme, and the “wild” look all over his face and weapons. Simply badass xD

    I’ve started reviewing SHFs too, hope you don’t mind if I use some of your reviewing styles IF I ever use them by accident ^^ You can always comment on the reviews if you find them too similar to yours and I’ll try to edit them. Your style of reviewing easily influences :P

    • Z Says:

      You can’t seriously consider my SHF write-up “reviews”… I barely talk about anything ^^;. I like the animated .gif you’ve been doing though!

  19. Nightslash3535 Says:

    I should say that out of all the W (non-exclusive) figures, this one appeals me the most, not even Cyclone Joker Extreme could even get my interest. But now, it’s time to move on; Kamen Rider W wouldn’t be standing there forever, make way for Kamen Rider OOO, give this one a chance, don’t hate it (as most KR fans I know, they don’t like OOO). The SHF of one has hit shelves…

  20. RoyVF1 Says:

    Just ordered this thing today, cant wait to see him

    1 question, is the black on Joker’s body still those bare plastic black or did they improve it in this one?

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