Master Grade

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  1. Serpentfear Says:

    You’re gonna have to do some real work with the Shining Gundam. From my expireince,It’s horrible cause some of the peices a constantly loos fo some reason.

  2. Pedrissimo Says:

    Just a quick overall question: When you buy a special edition model kit that comes with clear pieces, does it come with the opaque pieces as well? I want to buy an MG Hyaku Shiki, and the version with clear pieces is cheaper.

    • Anonymous Says:

      yes it does come with the opaque pieces also. got freedom, and destiny both with clear parts and i didnt use them at all.

  3. Project.X3R0 Says:

    Just a quick question: Do the sets that come with clear pieces have the opaque pieces too? I want to buy the MG Hyaku Shiki and the one with the clear pieces is cheaper.

    • Hello Says:

      It does come with the opaque parts, in fact all MG 30th come with original parts, the transparent clear parts are just an add on

  4. PilotOfHi-NuGundam Says:

    ive seen E.S. and some mechs from Xenosaga universe. and i think they are more atractive than the gundam models. do you think it is a good idea for BANDAI to release the models? :D

  5. beamknight87 Says:

    You plan on getting the MG 00Qan[T]? Been looking a few of the recent galleries and seems pretty cool… too bad they didn’t include AGAIN some gimmick to display the GN Bits in midair.

  6. gunpla newbie Says:

    I just bought 1/100 Arios Designer Color Version… Is it HG or MG? I don’t know because there was no such information. Thank you…

  7. New2Gunpla Says:

    You sir are my Gundam GOD, ALL your master grades that I’ve looked at so far are nothing short of beautiful.

  8. Gahald_Mills Says:

    nice colection there…why not getting MG Hi Nu Gundam + the HWS Transformation Kit?

    • Z Says:

      I don’t have the skills to work with and paint resin parts.

      • Gahald_Mills Says:

        aw..too bad…you only need to add MG Nightingale for your Char gundam collection…but the bad thing is, it’s a resin conversion kit also..

      • Lolzor Says:

        its not hard to work with resin stuff. I do this constantly with miniatures from the warhammer and forgeworld stuff. All that is required is to spray down a primer of white or black or whatever you want it to be, then paint with hand or spray on top of that primer. afterwards, if you want a gloss look or you want to put on decals, use a gloss coat, Mr. Hobby should have one, much better than the acrylon in the states >_> then panel lining decals and everything else is the same. if you want I could give you a tutorial. Shoot me an email.

  9. siklab Says:

    Master Z! among the stock of MG gundam you have in your collection, which one is your favorite? or do you have your top 5 MG list… :)

  10. saotome Says:

    hey z :D i was wondering, what does primer do to a kit?
    and do all mr. hobby lacquer based paint require thinner before usage?
    thanks :D

  11. MinA Says:

    Your reviews is one of the best on the internet. I’m serious ^^. You know, the Metal Build Freedom gundam is coming and i might give it a shot, or maybe i should wait for the MB Strike freedom. What do you think? I personally like the Freedom better ^^

    • Z Says:

      You already answered your own question. get what you like better. That would be the Freedom. I like the Freedom more myself.

  12. Phyo Thant Says:

    Do you know any place that I can buy parts instead of a kits?

  13. Noviro Says:

    great review sir, based on them now, i decided to buy one of the MG reviewed above, but i can’t decide whether an Infinite Justice or an Astray Blue Frame. Both of them has awesome weight-problematic backpack.. :3

  14. MinA Says:

    My GOD Z have u seen the Metal Build Freedom yet? I’m very excited right now !!!!

  15. Anonymous Says:

    hey Z! what type of brush do you use and top coat… thanks…

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Any chance you gonna attempt MG 00 7S/G?

    • Z Says:

      At this point, no. I want to though…

      • Siroh32 Says:

        *wave* How’ve you been, Z? And–out of curiosity–what do you plan on attempting next? *shrug*

        • Z Says:

          Alive is all I can really say. All I’m attempting now is scholarship papers!

          • Siroh32 Says:

            Well, I hope you find some time to relax, especially after you get those done. *shrug* I may not be in the mood to do much photography, let alone actual reviews, but I’ve managed to get down to having six models left to build. A part of me wants to finally start pursuing fluorescent paint and to touch up some models with ‘em.

  17. Kikomachi Says:

    Hey Z, how are yah? I hope to see new MG kits reviews from you soon. :)

  18. Kris Says:

    Hey Z. Just wondering, I’m starting my own colection of Master grades and I’m wondering, what were your favorite to build. Do you like something easy and quick or do you like something a little harder and more time consuming?

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