PG Strike Gundam WISP 1

Since most people are already doing some sort of “special first post of the year!” thing, I think I’ll skip the festivities and get right back to business. So in a matter of a day or so, I’ve completed the lower body of the PG Strike.

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The PG Battlefield

26 full runners. Not too bad… but I think I’ve been through worse. I’m already done with the feet. Don’t worry about WISP shots… you’ll see plenty in the following month xD. This post is a follow-up to the previous PG Strike post.

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PG Skygrasper Completed

I hope no one is sorely disappointed that I’ll be holding off on the PG Skygrasper’s review until I’m finished with the PG Strike ^^;. If you think my latest reviews were short, then the Skygrasper will have them all beat (ironically…).

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Looking through the PG Strike Box

I don’t remember the last time  I opened the box to this model. It’s been years ^^;. Well… I think it’s about time it see the light of day right? or what little of it there is during this time of the year here.Before I start, just thought I’d glance over what I’m up against before actually starting on it so I can calculate how long it’ll take me.

So hardcore. A construction manual AND an instruction manual xD.

Who the hell named this sword “Grand Slam”?!

Funky looking pre-assembled hands. While it saves me time, I’m not sure of any other real benefits. Don’t they become loose over time like any normal hands?

Wanted to talk about about the inner frame parts and stuff but camera ran out of battery ^^;. It’s not like you all don’t know how this model is like anyway. This PG came out in 2004 after all…

Skygrasper Last WISP

It might look or sound big what’s with its 1/60 but the Skygrasper is surprisingly small o_O. I’m working on the last of the cannons and stuff so just wanna post a quick update before I disappear to run some more errands.

Unrelated question, are you busier on a day off or on a day you have to work? x_x

PG Skygrasper WISP 1

I think all that’s left is to plug in the wings here and there and I should be finished ^^;. My tweet about clear black paint was referring to painting the windshield on this thing… to give it that tinted look but looks too blah. I kinda regret it so I’ll be stripping out the black and painting it clear blue instead.

It doesn’t look too bad… just could’ve looked better ^^;. I didn’t bother inserting the pilots in xD.

Looking through the PG Skygrasper…

Truth be told… I don’t think I’ve ever looked inside this PG’s box since the day I got it (2+ years ago) ^^;. I’ve never built a PG before and this is a good place to start. Not that it really matters since at the end of the day, this is still Gunpla we’re talking about… meaning the most we still do is CCS- cut, clean, snap. Looking at the Skygrasper can really make me yawn though ^^;.

Grasping a feel of the size of the PG Aile Striker compared to the 1/100. hooray for giant beam sabers?

I don’t get why PG kits don’t come with decals… nor are there any waterslides for them.

The display base. The right one belongs to the 00 Raiser.

I think I’ll work on this just to get it out of the way….. it doesn’t look that hard and it’s not that big when completed either (a bit bigger than the Aile Striker pack it seems).

PG 00 Raiser- Screw It…

Going Perfectly Astray…




What more can I say? :)


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