Gundam 4Koma Returns!

My apologies for delaying the Gundoom review. I still need to topcoat the model before I can get on to the photography session. As I was toying with a few omake ideas, I came across a couple that were 4koma worthy so decided to try my luck here. Hope these will make up a little for another long overdue review ^^;. Enjoy!

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Gundam 4Koma Winner

Sorry for making this post so late ^^;. Been really busy with everything outside of blogging lately (and still am). Due to these circumstances, I have shortened the decision process for myself and just rate the top three. I would’ve like to go over every single one but that takes too much time and I don’t have that sort of thing at the moment. Now without further ado…

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Gundam 4Koma Contest Last Stage

Here’s where your voice really matters- this is the decisive battle of the Gundam 4koma! I’ve grabbed what I think (with your feedback into consideration… for the most part) is the top 6 across the three stages and have them duke it out here. Good luck to the finalists. FINAL ROUND! READY! GO!!!

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Gundam 4koma Giveaway Update

How is your 4koma coming along? It seems that a few people are getting confused about the contest this time (or didn’t read the guidelines well enough). I got a couple of entries that were really thought out but… they were not 4komas. Instead they were fleshed out stories that took 10+ scenes. I’ll mention it again before anyone goes and create a whole story again… The contest is GUNDAM 4KOMA! Four panels/scenes/photos ONLY. NO MORE NO LESS. Also, please restrict all “characters” to GUNDAM stuff only! That means no EVA, no Zoids, no… err, what’s her face… Nanoha! etc. etc.  And please make it vertical so that it is in proper format as well ^^;. Like this…

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SD Gundam 4Koma

Gonna venture onto new ways of providing entertainment on this blog and thought I’d give making 4komas a try. Coming up with something that fits into exactly four panels is not easy… and hoping that it is funny o_o. Seeing how my SD collection haven’t been getting any love (but getting a lot of dust instead), thought I’d use them for this instead xD. So here’s my first few sorry attempts!

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