RX-78-2 Gundam

I’ve just finished assembling this model (still need to topcoat) and came away pretty impressed with the overall details on it despite its small size. Heck, it has more details and panel lines than many of the MGs you see coming out today! My hand was actually aching a bit from holding the tiny parts as I try to clean the nubs and panel line them. Oh man are the parts tiny! Still, it’s an awesome model. At first impression, I thought the model would be pretty fragile but I think it feels very solid so far.

It might be an RX-78-2, but this model looks better than the rest I’d say. I’m not gonna talk too much now; I’ll save the rest for the actual review which should be out in a few days so look forward to it. No joke; this is for real. Real Gundam. Real model. Real details. Real awesome. Real… hmm…

HG Sergei’s Tieren Review

Now that the series of food posts are done with, let’s go right back into Gunpla. I am finally getting back the hang of building and reviewing gunpla, shaking off most of the rust so things should start picking up shortly again. It’s not much but here’s a good start- A review for the HG 1/144 Sergei’s Tieren Taozi (All Region Type), complete with an omake. Enjoy! :)

My next project should be real good I hope…

Gunpla Chat 08 Ver. Jesta

As the title implies, this post is all about the Jesta which I think is coming out very soon. I still haven’t watched Gundam UC Episode 3 yet so I don’t know how these guys perform (So NO SPOILERS OF ANY SORT PLEASE!). Well… I certainly hope they don’t turn out like its grunt cousin ReZEL (looks amazingly badass but spends most of its screen time getting shot down). As Ckai pointed out, the Jesta takes a few design cues from Unicorn and you can see it on the knees and shoulders though obviously, these guys are far from being a MP Unicorn. I think I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again: I think Gundam UC has the best grunt design in any Gundam series I’ve seen so far; there is just no design that I don’t like coming out of this series. I mean… it’s pretty impressive to get me to like the Jegan (Stark) and any GM variations since I’ve always hated Feddie grunts.

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Gray Beam Sabers

Why use those solid-colored beam effect parts when you can use the longer, clear ones that fit just as well?

Hi-Nu Gundoom Review Finished!

UPDATE: Oops… Guess I forgot to open up the comment section in the review. It is open now ^^;.

That’s right… I’m done. I’m actually done. I figured I rather get this done now instead of later so I have one less thing to worry about when I am away. You’ve seen the preview earlier, now you can read the whole thing. Here it is- MC 1/144 Hi-Nu Gundoom Review. Oh yea… if you really must insist on beating the dead horse with the “bootleg” debate, then please do it constructively and minimize  the profanity, will ya? I’m sure everyone can appreciate that. Thanks!

WHEW! It sure feels great to get things done around here again… :D

PG Strike Freedoms

Gunpla is art; with creativity, one can use Gunpla to express themselves artistically in many ways. Above is one such example. An emotional work of art. I’m not even Japanese and I felt this work uplifted my spirit and boosted my morale. I won’t spoil anything so you can check out this masterpiece in all its courageous glory over at Gaijin Gunpla’s blog.

Lupes has certainly outdone himself once again with his Strike Freedom. The guy certainly know how to pick his blues- his Sinanju, ReZEL, now the SF. All have amazing shades of blue. Another electrifying work of art. You can check out his gallery here. Busterbeam is about to be done with his and I can’t wait to see it…

I’m not posting about these gunplars simply because of their amazing work, but because they are able to pull off such amazing work in the midst of their busy lives and with a deadline! Therefore, I have no excuse to not even be able to tackle a measly MG out of the box. No excuse! 申し訳ない!

I felt something ignited within me after seeing these work of theirs… my Gunpla flame perhaps?

Gunpla Chat 07

I could write a post about how my summer courses went but that would be lame for a “I’m back!” post. The above photo figuratively describes my current state in Gunpla- a mess. So it’s been a week since I’ve completed my three condensed courses for the summer and I am still just stumped on getting back into this hobby. At first, I thought I could just dive right back in where I left off, crack a few plastics, and polish off one model a week like I did last year around this time but… my head is just blank. Guess it is tougher than I thought to shake off the rust. Yes, I still owe you all the Hi-Nu Gundoom review… the one that should’ve been finished two months ago. It will be done before the end of the month. Count on it this time. For now… please let me just ease my way back into blogging… ^^;

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Gunpla Chat 06B- Other Gundam Things

I need to stop looking at reviews of the MG Epyon. The more I look at this Gundam, the more I am tempted to jump the sword. So far, photos from reviews have been rather unsatisfying so far (weak poses and the sword being cut off from the photos) but Hacchaka did a pretty nice job showing the glory of Epyon. I like this shot! I wonder if my red Real Touch Gundam Marker will work on Epyon’s nubmarks?

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Gunpla Chat 06- Seven Sword Edition

This post will only be about one topic because nothing else matters at the moment ^^;. Announced for September! MG 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G! G… Meaning it will come with the rather awesome GN Sword II Blaster (it is not shown but the text in the upper left corner said it will be included). My excitement is only lessened a bit by the fact that I have been expecting it since MG 00 Raiser’s announcement. Just didn’t expect that it would follow the 00 Raiser so soon… only three months after its release! Here my thoughts:

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Hi-Nu Gundoom WISP- Finished… Almost.

I must say… I was quite thrilled to be through with the panel line hell that was the Fin Funnels. This model has more panel lines than the RX-78-2 OYW. THAT IS A LOT! Now I just have to take care of the head (must be last because I need to topcoat it before putting it together since the helmet is one whole piece), apply the waterslide decals and topcoat the entire model then on to the photoshoot.

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