Cracked Paint

Maybe I should have double checked my paint chemistry or something before working on this and I wouldn’t have run into this problem. But what’s done is done; I was gonna topcoat the Kshatriya a few days ago until I noticed the black paint on the trims are cracking. I wonder if this is due to the type of paint in the Gundam paint marker mixing on acrylic (the white paint)? Now I need to come up with a solution where I can fix this without starting over or ruining the look too much. The parts look like shit now. blah.

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2-in-1 Review: HG Stark Jegan and Jegan ECOAS

I need to expedite my reviews since I am already taking too long so here’s a first: Double review! HG 1/44 Stark Jegan and the HG 1/144 Jegan ECOAS Type!

But please forgive me if the review is a bit confusing to follow since I didn’t know the best way to mix the reviews together. Hope it is not too bad though ^^;. Enjoy!


Went from this…

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Gunpla Chat 02

“Solomon! I have returned!”… Gonna start making this post  regularly “every now and then” where I gloss over interesting Gunpla news, share my thoughts and get feedback from you.

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MG Zeta Gundam Beam Rifle

Since the weather is a bit too cold for me to finish up the MG Destiny, I figured I should work on a small project for the time being. Fixing my 5-year-old beam rifle from the MG Zeta Gundam Ver. 2.0.

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Gunpla Future Projects Update

Okay… let’s admit. Be it called Future Projects, backlog or whatever, it’s still a stash of models that need to be worked on eventually. Just wanted to make a quick post that I’ve updated the future projects page with everything that I plan to eventually work on. Things that have been in hiding up till now are also revealed. Now everything is going to be boring since there are no more secrets/mysteries/surprises on this blog anymore… or is there? ;)

See anything of interest on the page that you would like me to bump up the priority for reviewing? :)

Back to Shigezo

Had a blast here the last time with a few of my friends so we came back this time to eat and drink to our heart’s content the night before going back to school ^^.

As always, if you have an empty stomach then proceed with caution.

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GG INFINITE: G-SHOT! Gunpla Photo Contest

Gunpla contests are awesome. Photography contests are also awesome. Gunpla and Photography together is a match made in heaven. Gundam Guy/GG Infinite is beginning a Gunpla Photography contest, aptly titled “G-SHOT”, beginning in January. You can check out all the details of the contest on his blog post. Here’s a quick summary:

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Gunpla Chat Time

It’s been awhile since I talked about any Gunpla news and I certainly have a lot of thoughts piled up. Before we go into anything though, I would first like to congratulate Gundam Guy on the grand opening of his online store, GG Infinite. Those of us living in the North America region can now celebrate because there is now one more store to go to for our Gundam models (and replacement parts!). I’ll probably switch over to ordering from him as my main source from now on because I’m getting tired of the rising yen/decreasing dollar value (I’m already compiling a to-get list… which will include the contest winner’s gunpla of choice). GG’s prices are actually decent (comparable to the other US stores like HobbyWave and GSaM) even if it does seem high compared to the sale price from the Japanese stores because after you factor in shipping (to the US), the savings will be negated and you will pretty much end up paying more/less the same. Even if I do end up paying a little extra to GG (who also takes the time to provide you your daily Gunpla news), I’ll be more than happy to because the value of supporting local community and your fellow comrade far outweighs the value of saving a few dollars… so support your fellow comrades! ^^

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When Haro Runs Out of Batteries…

… it just stays there with one of its eyes glowing, unresponsive. I don’t know how long he has stayed like that for (the thing wakes up hella early… at 7 am or so) but it’ll be awhile before I can change his batteries xD.

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