SD Gundam 4Koma

Gonna venture onto new ways of providing entertainment on this blog and thought I’d give making 4komas a try. Coming up with something that fits into exactly four panels is not easy… and hoping that it is funny o_o. Seeing how my SD collection haven’t been getting any love (but getting a lot of dust instead), thought I’d use them for this instead xD. So here’s my first few sorry attempts!

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Prelude to MG Impulse


Just thouht I’d built this little guy before the real MG ^^;. Here’s the review. Snapped this model together as a “warm up” to refresh my mind on Impulse’s design. Now I’ll be going back to work on the real MG…

As for the contest… I have 10 entries so far and they’re all looking pretty good. I want to jump in too! xD. It’ll be tough when it comes time to start choosing finalist >_<. Keep ‘em coming!


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